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Dec 31

Mayor’s Message for January 2019

Posted on December 31, 2018 at 10:12 AM by Jan Molinaro

A New Year and with that brings new possibilities. How many of us start each new year with resolutions? Eat better, exercise more often and to keep some kind of schedule. Slow down and enjoy what is around us? These can be a fruitful approach to life and in all cases can improve one’s self worth. What also needs to be understood is that when a resolution is forgotten about or not done as planned, it is not something to get upset about. We are all human with human frailties. The one item in life that everyone can learn from is to not give up. Yes we stumble, however we can start over, again and again. It is important to learn from the reset so that if you need to adjust, do so, nothing bad about that.

So with a new year make one or two resolutions. Plan to accomplish it in small steps as it is a journey not a sprint. Take the first step to self-improvement keeping in mind that the goal is to tell yourself and others that I can accomplish this goal. Support from within and from others is valuable. Keep in mind a new year with new possibilities can be exciting.