Feb 05

Mayor's Message February 2024

Posted on February 5, 2024 at 12:30 PM by Jan Molinaro

Enumclaw Community Center

The senior center building is almost 100 years old and there is not enough space to expand the current building to accommodate the growing needs of the city’s senior population.

? The building was not built to serve as a community center.

? The kitchen is not adequate to provide meals in a safe manner.

? The estimated cost to renovate the building exceeds the value of the building.


The bond seeks to provide an investment for the community that will serve our current and growing needs for all generations.


Bond for community center requires 60 percent supermajority plus voter-turnout requirement
If approved, bond would help city leverage state grants to further reduce cost for taxpayers 

Enumclaw, Wash. – The city is asking voters for a bond to build a new multigenerational community center that will provide a safe environment for children, teens, young families, and seniors to connect with friends and access programs and services. The bond needs a 60 percent supermajority to pass plus it must “validate” to take effect.

The validation requirement means that 40 percent of ballots from last year’s general election must be returned for the measure to take effect. If that threshold is not met, it won’t matter if the measure passes with 60 percent of the vote. The measure will not take effect because not enough people turned out to vote.

In other words, voter turnout matters.

If voters approve the bond, it will help the city leverage state grants and private donations to further reduce the cost for taxpayers. This includes a $1 million state grant the city has applied for in addition to another $3.35 million in city funds and grants identified for the project. This funding is contingent on the bond passing.

The bond will appear on the April 23, 2024, special election ballot.

Why is the city asking for a bond?
The city is growing with young families joining longtime residents, and the community center will offer sports and learning opportunities, space for community events, art performances and festivals, and a new senior center.

The city cannot finance the community center entirely through its general fund without making significant cuts to other city services, such as police, fire, planning, parks, streets, and sidewalks. Most community centers are funded through voter-approved bonds.

The community center will also be home to a new senior center. The city’s senior population has outgrown the current senior center building, which isn’t big enough for seniors to exercise safely, attend classes or enjoy meals together. The current building was built almost 100 years ago and was never intended to serve as a community center. The building needs major repairs and the estimated cost to renovate the building exceeds the value of the building.

The bond is projected to cost $0.30 per $1,000 of assessed property value and would cost the owner of a $500,000 home $12.50 per month or $150 per year.

Learn more at www.cityofenumclaw.net.



The Mountain Starts Here! The city of Enumclaw, Wash., population 13,000 is the gateway to Mount Rainier National Park located less than an hour south of Seattle. Enumclaw is a full-service city providing police, planning, economic development, parks, and some utilities. The city’s vision is to keep residents for generations by caring for youth, adults and seniors through excellent public service and programs. Enumclaw operates on a balanced budget and has passed all independent audits by the state. 

To learn more about the proposed community center, please visit our website (https://www.cityofenumclaw.net/604/Proposed-Community-Center).

Feb 28

Mayor's Message March 2023

Posted on February 28, 2023 at 11:16 AM by Jan Molinaro

Mayor’s Message for March 2023

As the weather hopefully begins to warm, I wish to provide some updates on the projects that are planned and being discussed. Starting with the skate park construction. This should begin in the next month or two with an anticipated completion date in August. Probably near the end. Bids have gone out and the process is moving along. Keep your boards ready for action later this summer. The pool remodel continues to be with the architect who is working on the plans for construction. Once these are done and approved, they will be placed for bid. It is anticipated that the exterior and inside construction will be completed in mid-2024. A new roundabout will begin construction in the next month at the intersection of 244th and 448th (Roosevelt). This intersection has been designated as a failed intersection and the roundabout should greatly improve the traffic flow in this area. Be aware that once construction begins interruption on these two roads will become a challenge for traffic. Begin to plan alternate routes now.  The new community center continues to be discussed with the city council. Between the design of the building and how to finance, possibly with a bond initiative, final decisions will hopefully be in the coming months how council would like to move forward on this project. Also, those citizens that have an interest in joining the Community Center Citizen Advocacy Committee can contact me directly at jmolinaro@ci.enumclaw.wa.us with their contact information.    

Dec 27

Mayor's Message January 2023

Posted on December 27, 2022 at 11:40 AM by Jan Molinaro

Happy New Year Enumclaw! A new year can bring so many new possibilities. Will you make and keep any resolutions this year? How prepared will you be in a time of emergency? Has this winter have you thinking about high winds and power outages? How do you respond if it occurs? Is there any time to give back to the community whether in a nonprofit setting or serving on a city board or commission? Why not just try to slow down and watch life around you rather than let life speed bye. Yes there are times this pleasant scenario is impossible to accomplish, however one or two days during each week would provide quality of life benefits that could reward you in countless ways. Less stress. More knowledge about your surroundings and take into account where your life goals currently are at.


With this New Year try one or two positive steps to make life different for yourself and others. Whether a resolution or just make some type of change. Either way it can make life more interesting and exciting.