Sewer Model Update

Request for Qualifications

The City is updating its sewer system model in 2024. The latest full system sewer model was last calibrated in 2013. The model needs to be updated to account for development and system improvements since 2013 and be recalibrated using detailed collection system flow data that wasn’t available in 2013. Information on the existing sewer system is available in the files below. See the File Summary document for notes regarding each of the files.

2020 SR410 Trunk Line Root Removal Project

ADS Report 2017 V2 Combined

ADS Report 2018

Bypass and Overflow Log

City of Enumclaw Collection System Monitoring Stations

Echo Locations

Feb 6 2020 Event (Elevs NGVD 1929)

Feb 28 2022 Report

 File Summary

Jan 6 2022 Report

Sewer Lift Station Hours 2010, 2016-Present