Instructions For Online Payments Through The Portal

On this page you will find detailed instructions of how to make payments online through the Portal. Click here for printable instructions of how to make online payments through the portal.

At this point you have completed your online application. Permit staff has reviewed your application and applied any balances that are owed. Permit staff has sent you an email notifying you of any intake or permit fees in order to review or issue your permit.

Please note, currently we only accept Visa and Mastercard 1

Step 1- Login to the Portal, click here to login > scroll to the bottom of the page to find “My Permits” > Select the permit that you are ready to pay


Step 2- When you are in your permit you will see at the top the page the balance that is owed. Please note: this balance is what is owed for either intake to begin review of your permit, or the amount to issue your permit, the email that you received from Permit staff will inform you if this is for intake or to issue the permit. > Select Pay Invoice


Step 3- Scroll down until your see the Fee Summary > select Continue


Step 4- Enter your permit information > Select Continue


Step 5- The next screen is you payment review, you must select process payment to finalize your transaction.


Step 6- Your transaction has been completed! > Select “Click to Print” for your receipt. > You may then click Continue to go back to your permit summary, or exit from the portal.


For the next steps, please see the instructions for “How to Upload my Permit and Supporting Documents”. Click here