911 Communications

Enumclaw 911 Communications is responsible for answering and dispatching 911 emergency and non-emergency police services for residents inside the City of Enumclaw. Additionally Enumclaw 911 answers and dispatches 911 emergency and non-emergency services for Mt. Rainier National Park after their own Communications Center closes for the day.

When to call 9-1-1

  • There is an imminent threat to life.
  • In progress crime.
  • Any situation involving weapons.
  • Car accidents involving injuries or blocking traffic.
  • Medical emergencies.


When to call the business line 360-825-3505

  • To report a crime that is not in progress, or occurred at an earlier time.
  • To report suspicious activity.
  • Noise or parking complaints.
  • Harassment received via text or social media.
  • General questions.

Additional Numbers

  • Enumclaw Jail
  • Enumclaw Records
    360 615-5701
  • Enumclaw Municipal Court
  • Enumclaw Fire Department
  • Utility Services