Protecting Water Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency identifies stormwater as the biggest source of pollution to lakes, rivers, and streams in our country. Washington’s Department of Ecology estimates that millions of pounds of toxic chemicals including petroleum, copper, lead, and zinc enter the Puget Sound each year. 75% of toxic chemicals getting into the sound are by stormwater off of developed lands. There are many simple actions you can do to help protect water quality in our region:

Only Rain Down the Drain


Per Enumclaw Municipal Code 14.10.095, illicit discharges such as paint, anti-freeze, soaps, animal waste, sewage, and sediment are prohibited from entering the stormwater collection system, surface waters, and/or ground water.  Essentially, only rain water runoff is allowed to enter the city’s stormwater drainage system.

COE Spills Happen Poster

Local businesses who manage small quantities of hazardous waste can receive 75% match funding (up to $599) to purchase spill control and containment equipment. This equipment will help ensure they are better prepared to contain and clean-up spills before they enter the storm drain. For more information see the Voucher Incentive Program Brochure.

Report spills (illicit discharges) into the stormwater system, ditch or other water way in the City of Enumclaw to:

  • Public Works Department: Monday to Friday, 8am - 4:30pm
    • (360) 825-3593 or (360) 825-5541
  • Enumclaw Police Department: After hours and on holidays
    • (360) 825-3505
  • Spills or Illicit Discharges outside the City Limits - Dept. of Ecology NW Regional Office
    • (206) 594-0000

Take Vehicles to the Car Wash

Wash your vehicle at a car wash or on the lawn were water containing grime, oils, dirt, brake pad dust, soaps, and other stuff won’t go into the storm drain. See the Car Washing Fact Sheet for more information.

Information about Stormwater-Friendly Alternatives to Car Wash Fundraisers can be found here: Alternative Car Wash Fundraiser Info

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Scoop Up Pet Waste

Pet waste contains bacteria, viruses, and parasites harmful to aquatic organisms and humans. Pet waste should be cleaned up, bagged, and put in the trash.  See Pet Waste FAQ or Dog Poop Fact Sheet for additional information.


Don’t Drip & Drive

Fix leaks of auto fluids and recycle oil at a local auto parts store to keep these pollutants from being washed into the storm drain. See the Auto Fluids Fact Sheet for more information.

Car Leak

Additional Resources

For more information on protecting waterways, visit the following links:

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