Mayor Liz Reynolds’ 2016 Adopted Budget Message:

Dear City Council Members and Citizens of Enumclaw

Through extensive deliberations the City Council and I deliver to you the Enumclaw City Budget for the year 2016. This budget is structurally balanced; the first since 2012. However, by no means should it be interpreted as a budget that indicates the financial status of our municipal government is sufficient and sustainable to meet our needs. Reaching financial sustainability while restoring services that were provided prior to the Great Recession continues to be a work in progress.

Throughout 2016 Administration, working in collaboration with City Council and numerous outside organizations, will continue to focus on achieving sustainable, healthy core service levels, community quality of life issues and development of updated/new policies and codes. These new policies/codes will enable us to fulfill business and citizen demands and at the same time allow our city to become increasingly more financially stable, sustainable and attractive; key features necessary to encourage the interest of potential entrepreneurs and young families.

Our budgeted programs of work for 2016 will allow for future opportunities that will significantly encourage vitality and increase our financial strength….

• Finalize and implement City of Enumclaw Comprehensive Plan Update
• Obtain feasibility analysis for Downtown Public Property Revitalization Project
• Review and amend Economic Development Plan
• Develop policies arising from recommendations from our newly formed community volunteer driven Food, Beverage and Agriculture Committee
• Continue collaboration with King County, WSDOT, Pierce County and Buckley on the next steps towards completion of the Foothills Trail bridge across the White River
• Encourage larger residential building lots
• Form a Stormwater Utility to fund stormwater management, reducing demand on General Fund
• Address capital infrastructure and public facilities needs
• Review, prioritize and implement the street pavement maintenance program using new revenues approved by the voters of the Enumclaw Transportation Benefit District
• Continued review and revisions of city codes and policies
• Capture grants wherever possible
The adopted 2016 budget will require Enumclaw city government to have a “stick to it” attitude and team approach and to put into place the long range financial planning policies that fulfill these strategies.

We have addressed many issues through the 2016 budget process and as we experience an increase in population and service level demands we must address the need for additional personnel to handle increased work demands to stay competitive and responsive and will do so to prepare for the next budget cycle.

My emphasis has always been to encourage a team approach and I have always stated “Let’s rebuild Enumclaw together“…you have a great city of Enumclaw Team:
Your department directors
Your city employees
Your City Council
Your City Administrator
And myself..

It is our inherent duty as Enumclaw elected officials and employees to serve and respond to our community’s needs and issues. We, the TEAM must develop, lead, implement and support a unified vision that will allow our community to grow, prosper and move about in a manner that retains the charm everyone always refers to as “ We are Enumclaw”.

We are all here to build a beautiful community that we are proud to call home.
So, let us all get to work…

I remain dedicated to this community, to guide the Team and community forward, always grateful and willing to work alongside others for the betterment of the community as a whole.
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" African Proverb

Best wishes always,
Mayor Liz

Click here to download the 2016 Adopted Budget.

Click here to download the 2016 Financial Audit Report