City Website Information & Privacy Policy

This City of Enumclaw website is maintained by City Media Services, located in City Hall. The City has had a website since 1999. The city's website privacy policy and currently used domain names are listed below. For more information on this website, please contact Media Services at 360-802-0237.

Currently used domain names:
Images on this City of Enumclaw website are property of the city. Selected images are courtesy of the Enumclaw Courier-Herald.

City Website Policy

Information found on this site has been compiled from a variety of sources, and is subject to change at any time and without notice from the City of Enumclaw. The City of Enumclaw assumes no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of errors, omissions or discrepancies.

The City of Enumclaw collects no personal information about people who visit our website. However, we collect and store certain information automatically. When people visit the City of Enumclaw website to browse, read pages, and download information, the following information is automatically collected and stored:
  • The Internet domain (in other words, "" or "") and IP address of the visiting computer
  • General information about the date and time the site is visited
  • The files requested and pages visited; and
  • The referral website (where people come from to get to our site).
The City of Enumclaw uses this information to determine how effective our site is, ways that we can improve, how people find our site, and what pages people are most interested in. This information is used for internal purposes only. Emails sent to the city, or submitted contact information via this website, may be forwarded to another agency, such as the Enumclaw Area Chamber of Commerce, if this will better serve the needs of the sender. Please be aware that contact information sent to the City of Enumclaw may be subject to public disclosure. In any event, contact information will not be sold or distributed to third parties as part of a mailing list.

The City of Enumclaw website contains links to other sites not controlled by the city. These sites may have different privacy policies.

If you have any more questions about the City of Enumclaw website privacy policy, please contact the Media Services Manager by calling 360-615-5677.