Natural Gas Account Information


Utility Emergencies and Locates

If you smell a gas odor, see downed power lines or have a utility emergency during regular business hours (9:00AM - 4:00PM) please call 360-825-5541. 


If it is after regular business hours
 (4:00PM - 7:30AM)
call 360-825-3505.

In an emergency, call 911.


To have utilities located on your property, please call 811 two business days before you begin digging. This will alert your utility providers to come out and mark their buried lines from the street to your house for free.

Natural Gas is billed monthly. Charges include base charge of $11.35 per month for residential accounts. Commercial account base charge per month is based on meter class. The volume charge is $0.9213 per therm for residential customers and $0.8845 per therm for commercial customers.  Rates include a 6% municipal utility tax.


Effective January 1, 2023
Ordinance No. 2730

Charge Type
Base Charge
$11.63**See below
Volume Charge / Therm

**The monthly Commercial base charge shall be based on the Meter Class as follows:

 - 250 Class  $17.43

 - 425 Class $22.55

 - 880 Class $32.80

 - 1M-7M Class $82.00

 - 7.1M+ Class $133.25

Natural Gas Spring Notice 031522