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Helpful Links

Below are some helpful links for the public looking for law enforcement information. For suggestions on other links, contact Media Services.

  • King County Animal Care and Control
    • The city contracts with King County for animal control and enforcement.
  • King County Jail Inmate Lookup Service
    • You can locate any prisoner in the King County system via this tool.
  • King County Regional Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Program
    • AFIS provides criminal identification services to officers, investigators, prosecutors, and corrections staff. Program staff fingerprint and identify all inmates booked into county jails. This helps to identify possible wanted or dangerous offenders before they are released, even if they provide false names and incorrect information. Staff also recover and process fingerprints from major crime scenes. The AFIS Program’s existence aids in solving crimes throughout King County, and contributes to the safety of both officers and citizens.
  • NSOPW - National Sex Offender Public Website
    • On this site, you may see information about a registered sex offender who you may know or be related to, or who may live, work, or go to school near you.
  • Public Safety Testing
    • For information on applying for a position with the Enumclaw Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.