Fingerprint Services

The Enumclaw Police Department offers fingerprint services for the public. Please read below for details:

  • Hours: Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
  • These hours are not a guarantee of service and are subject to the availability of Corrections staff.
  • We do not schedule appointments.
  • Fee of $10 per card.
  • Fee can be paid in credit/debit, check or EXACT cash.
  • FD-258 Fingerprint Cards are available, however, if you were provided specific cards to use bring those with you.
  • Ink fingerprints will be taken in the Jail. NO WEAPONS are allowed in the jail. ALL individuals will be checked for weapons with a metal detector prior to entering the jail for fingerprint services. 
  • Children are not permitted in the jail and cannot be left unattended in the lobby.